Stores all your personal and log-in information for automatic form filling

As many daily operations are increasingly done in the digital realm, people need to manage lots of accounts with their respective login data. RoboForm can help you fill in information automatically, including personal data and passwords, which definitely saves a lot of precious time.

The program requires creating an online RoboForm account by supplying your email address. This account will be used for synchronizing data between your desktop computer and mobile devices, as there are versions of the product available for various platforms. An important step at this point is choosing your master password, which should be as strong as possible.

It is great that the tool can detect password entering automatically and save them for future use. Likewise, you can supply your login data manually or import them from external files. As a convenient extra feature, the program includes a password generator, which ensures their strength. Besides online passwords, it also lets you keep bookmarks, application passwords, contacts, notes and personal information. Fortunately, RoboForm allows creating various identities and stores everything in a tree structure, which makes it very easy to navigate. An important part of RoboForm is that it lets you share login information with other users by simply providing their email address.

The data you store and share with RoboForm are opportunely encrypted with a strong algorithm (an AES-256 bit with PBKDF2 SHA-256). However, the program has the same downside to many others of its type: whoever gains access to your master password will have access to practically all your digital life.

All in all, RoboForm is definitely a great help if you are one of those who forget their passwords all the time. The product is sold in various licenses: Personal, Family (up to 5 users) and Business. Fortunately, there is a completely free version. However, if you want to access your passwords from all your devices, back up your account data and share your logins, you need to pay for the Everywhere license. Finally, you should be aware that payments are done on a yearly basis.

Pedro Castro
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  • Stores many types of information
  • Includes a password generator
  • Assesses the strength of your passwords
  • Available for various platforms
  • Has a free version
  • Lets you create custom fields
  • Compatible with all major browsers


  • Whoever gains access to your master password may get access to all your other passwords
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